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About company


The history of the company dates back to 2002: it was then that the first line for filling urea in 50 kg bags was built. Our company, at that time ZAO KhimPromProdukt, was the first to establish cooperation with OAO Togliattiazot in the field of packaging its products.

In 2014, as a result of transformations in the composition of the company's participants, a new company, OOO AgroChem, was created. In the same year, the renewed company organizes its own base for packing mineral fertilizers into bags (50 kg), and already in 2008 commissions a line for packing products in large-size containers (BIG-BEGI) and a hopper vehicle unloading unit.

Also in 2016, with the aim of expanding the business, there is a rapprochement with LLC "Samara Fertilizer Center" LEDA ", which successfully operates in the fertilizer market in the small packaging sector.

Any mineral fertilizers and plant protection products can be supplied from a warehouse, available in stock or on order. The company has the ability to accept railway wagons with fertilizers and reload them into vehicles, as well as accept fertilizers (in bulk) and pack them in the container necessary for the client.

The company has its own production and storage areas and vehicles.

The main activities of the company at the moment are:


Wholesale Reception of fertilizer in bulk
Packaging Delivery to regions
Reception and storage Ammonia addition